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Meditation - Zikr -Affirmation

- Connecting to the Divine -

“those who have faith and whose hearts find peace in the remembrance of God- truly it is in the remembrance of God that hearts find peace”


​“remember Me; I will remember you. And thank Me, and never be ungrateful”


Holy Quran

“I have been so stressed lately and on Friday I felt particularly bad. Jst by coincidence I was scrolling our group chat and came across your video. I put it on and practiced it. You have the most beautiful voice and especially when you recite. When it came to when you said focus on the light on your forehead and let it enter every part of you I felt so deeply moved. And at the end abt forgiving and letting go of hate was also powerful. I actually felt myself relax. I haven’t slept so well as I did that night.”

Zainab Qureshi

Dubai, UAE

"I felt the affirmation was speaking directly to me and about me. It was an answer to my prayer and filled me with ease and acceptance. Sister Rawan's voice is Mashallah angelic and I felt instantly connected. This will be  incorporated to my daily routine!"

Fatima Ayoub Gharawi

Copenhagen, Denmark


I wanted to acknowledge and appreciate the team for all this effort!

A dream come true!


Shazia Haji

Karachi, Pakistan

I broke the cycle .. finally listened to the meditation on the app... So happy ! 

Feeling better after listening to it. May Allah bless all of you. 

I was crying but overwhelmed.


Just using your website, thank you so much to you and your friends for being the means  of connection to Allah and one of His ways of setting our hearts to rest and bringing serenity and peace to the moments in our lives. Lots and lots of love and duas to you'll and may you'll and your families always be blessed for your efforts . 

Saleha Haji

Karachi, Pakistan

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Fatimah Agha

Artist, Meditation teacher, student of Islamic mysticism and philosophy, Public speaker

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Kaniz Amir

Rawan Kara

Meditation Teacher

Life Coach


Meditation Teacher

Spiritual Healer

Aneesha Manji 

Reiki Healer

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